Bifold Doors For Your Home

Every house requires a large number of doors – one for the main entrance, one for every room, and another set of smaller ones for casement windows. Many of these are bifold doors – highly popular in the Victorian style of architecture that dominates England.

Such doors have two major advantages:

They are highly versatile. A door can be opened or shut to any degree, allowing in the exact amount of air or sunlight you want in your room
They are huge space-savers. They can let you squeeze into rooms where a single-side hinged door would have you completely stuck. With real estate coming at a premium today, this is a vitally important feature. Also, bifold doors allow you to use more of the wall in your house, without banging into your precious shelves or cupboards every time they are opened.

In your home, you can use such doors for a multitude of purposes, in multiple places:

As a main door Bifold doors make excellent gateways for homes where the doorway is a short narrow passage, which expands abruptly into a big hall. A door in a narrow passage can also make room for a shoe-rack, as it opens without banging into it
In doors for rooms The doors of your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and even your closet can be bifold. In fact, such doors are definitely the preferred door mechanism for a balcony
As cupboard doors Large cupboards often require bifold doors – sometimes two separate bifold doors – as a space-saving measure.
For windows Bifold windows are excellent for large areas where you do not want casements cluttering up your visual. If you want to enjoy the view from a large hall with a long strip of windows, bifold doors are certainly the best choice for you

Bifold doors can be made out of timber, which is the most popular material. Other possible materials are metal, glass(for panels only) and the increasingly popular polymers.

While picking out a bifold door, make sure that they meet the following parameters:

Your budget
The aesthetics of your home and room – they should be the right size, weight and colour
Working smoothly, with no signs of getting stuck
The size of your door opening. Some joinery stores will make you doors to order, while others will resize their existing pieces to suit your needs. Personally, I prefer the former as it allows for greater customization
Quality of hardware. Quality timber and hinges are essential to ensure that your door, like your home, has a long and prosperous life.

Doors are an essential part of any home, and are expected to last as long as the structure itself does. So choose carefully, and pick the right thing the first time!

How to Choose New Door Pulls For Your Pocket Door

The use of pocket doors in the United States is becoming a more popular trend every year because they not only save space but offer the convenience of a door that can be opened entirely and not block access by sliding closed along a track. Conventional and bifold doors are considered the more traditional approach in most homes these require several feet of unblocked space to open and close. Many homeowners need every extra square foot they can find to store their personal belongings and a door can easily get in the way of most decorating layouts.

A pocket door is a simple design that utilizes a flat door installed on a track that will slide easily into a “pocket” in the wall. When opened these doors allow complete access to the closet or room and will not slide closed until you are ready to do so. Pocket doors can be single door that slides to the left or right (usually this is unidirectional) and sits flush against the door jamb when closed or a double door set that will close in the middle of the frame against each other. Depending on the style of pocket door in your home, there are several different types of hardware available.

Dummy Sets: These would be used most traditionally on a closet door because it has a pull installed on the exterior of the door and no pull on the inside. These are most traditionally accompanied by an edge pull installed into the side of the door (to close the door).

Passage Sets: This style would be used on a door that might be opened from the inside or outside – therefore a pull is installed on either side of the door. An edge pull would be used as well. These are available in single and double sets depending on the type of pocket doors.

Privacy Sets: This style is similar to the passage set but uses a mortise latch in place of an edge pull so the doors can be locked. It is important to note that a key will be required to lock/unlock this style from either side (no safety lock feature). In a single door installation the door would lock into a strike plate installed into the door jamb and in a double door installation the doors would lock into each other.

Pocket door hardware is available in a variety of antique and modern patterns and can be a great way to upgrade the appearance of your pocket doors. Search for solid brass construction to ensure high quality and durability.

Favorite Part of the Closet – Closet Doors

When it comes to organizing a closet, there are many pre-made kits that include components like shelving, racks, cubbies, accessory organizers and hanging rods. These units or kits make life a lot easier and they are a great way to optimize wardrobe and accessory storage spaces.

But what about the closet door?

Not so important if you have a fully functioning door. But if you’ve just built or rebuilt your closet, there’s a good chance you’re now in need of a door. Or, it could be that it’s time to upgrade your existing doors for something better.

Whatever the case, here are a few helpful ways for you to quickly get up to speed of what is out there in the world of closet doors.

For one, consider this, the most popular closet doors for a walk in closet are traditionally the “standard swinging door”. If you have a walk in closet or just built one, these doors are easy to buy, even if you have a custom size opening that needs to be fit. Wood types available for the standard door include: cherry, walnut, pine, poplar, oak, ash and mahogany. For a less expensive option, hollow core doors are a fraction of the cost.

Another popular closet door is the bifold door. These closet doors are typically two, and fold to the right and left of the closet entrance. This way of opening means that you can have a full view of your closet and its’ contents. For d├ęcor, the good news is that there are a number of styles from which to choose. These include: raised and flat panel, Arts and Crafts, Mission, louvered, mirrored and more.

And finally, another closet door choice is the sliding door. These doors, also referred to as bypass doors, are very common in small apartments and condominiums. Unfortunately, the down-side to them is that unless the closet door is designed to slide and disappear into the wall, one panel will be block part of the view of your closet.

Door Hardware

In order to install one of the listed types of closet doors, you will need specific hardware which can be found at a good hardware store. Hardware required for the bifold and sliding closet doors includes an aluminum or steel track along with a number of other components.

Why Wall Mount Sliding Doors Are Ideal For A Bedroom Remodel

If you wish to create a magnificent alteration in your house design, you may want to think about a wall mount sliding door set in your bedroom wardrobes and bath. They are not only inexpensive, they’re also available in a variety of designs and styles that will create a contemporary look inside any home.

Sliding Variations

In case your objective is to save money, time and space on your upgrade, sliding closet doors are probably your best bet. With these you don’t have to worry about opening into the room and bumping into furniture. They also can be custom made to fit the room and they can really amp up the style level as well. Many manufacturers are churning out top notch vinyl sliding closet doors too, which are ideal for highly trafficked areas of the home where damage might be a concern. What’s more, there are wood sliding closet doors that can be stained to look blonde or dark brown, depending on the color you desire.

Bifold Variations

In contrast to sliding doorways, the bifold variety allows for full entry into your wardrobe. By folding in either direction, this type of door gives you access to the center of the closet, instead of access from either side. Large closets do well with two to three bifold types, while small closets need only have one. Like their sliding door cousins, bifolds also come in a variety of materials, but the most common are metal, wood and vinyl.

Glass Variations

Clear glass doors are yet another wall mount option. Used more often as room dividers or study entrances, more and more, these bright and open door designs are being used in closets as well. Many enjoy them for their rustic, old world charm. Bear in mind, however, that clear glass doorways leave nothing to the imagination in terms of what’s behind them. So, choose them only in areas that you can keep organized, in order to avoid any embarrassment.

Louvered Variations

Another stylish and enchanting add-on for your space, louvered wardrobe doorways can be found in numerous styles and materials, such as polymer bonded, plexiglass and mirrored. The louvered doorway might be polymer bonded, the industry kind of plastic material that may be coupled with pressed wood shavings. Numerous producers choose louvered doors since they’re simple to install and are also much lighter.

A Case For The Wall Mount Sliding Door

When you’re looking to redesign the look of any room, or build a wardrobe from scratch, don’t let the closet be the last consideration. From the room’s needs to the color scheme, style and overall space, a closet door can make or break the functionality and look of a room in an instant. Consider getting a sliding type whenever space is a concern and remember to infuse your personal sense of style from the finish on down to the hardware. Happy re-decorating!

Get to Know the Importance of the Interior Sliding Door Track

There are a few different parts of your home which you need to look exactly the way that you want for them to as well as making sure that they will operate exactly the way that you want them to. This is when you might want to make sure that you will be able to have the exact right kind of interior sliding door track in your home. This applies whether you are dealing with a replacement door, an interior door or an exterior door which you use every day. To get the look you are going for, you can choose wisely.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying the kind of sliding door hardware that you will use in your home. You should think about the kind of door that you will be using it with as well as the kind of manufacturer which made the original door. This way you will be able to get the parts which will help you to have a fully functioning sliding door in no time. Your home will look great and you will be able to have easy access through fully functioning doors.

Consider the Door Being Used

Other than thinking about the fact that you are installing something like sliding screen doors, you should also thin about the function of the door. After all, a closet bifold door will use a much different kind of slide than a single panel door will use. This is good information to have so that the right kind of weight can be supported by the systems you are installing. Also consider whether you are installing something like doors that mount on walls. These modern designs will operate differently from older models.

Consider the Manufacturer

Whenever you are looking to get the right kind of track for your doors, it is important to not just get what is on sale. If you get something on discount, make sure that it is made by the same manufacturers as the original door that you had installed. Buying the right interior sliding door track will help to make sure that it will operate properly at all times. You will be able to buy through a variety of different sources including online and in home improvement stores. This will allow you to have the look and the function that you like out of the doors that you have installed in your home.

Buying Advice on Surefit Fiberglass Doors

Doors are some of the most overused yet neglected parts of a house. The front door gets beaten down by forces of nature everyday, changing temperature and persistent use. If you have been out to buy a new door in the last few years, you may have noticed the presence of fiberglass doors along the shopping aisles. That doggie in the window usually costs more than wood doors and comes with a lifetime warranty, with good reason. A fiberglass door can practically last longer than the house where it stands. Fiberglass is the most durable surface material for doors out in the market right now. Products like Surefit fiberglass doors are focused on offering variety and customization, so shoppers can especially enjoy pairing features up to adapt to the home being built or renovated.

There are countless types of doors to be found out there like flush, paneled, single, bifold, French and Dutch doors, and the screens generally layered over exterior doors. Easily an attraction of Surefit fiberglass doors is having an immense number of door styles and parts, so you can find just the ones you need. Door sizes range from 30 to 32, 36 and 42 inches, in heights of 80 and 96 inches. Front entry and utility doors are available, with options for sidelites and numerous choices of frame styles, glass styles, color, finish, and door hardware sets like knobs and handles. Other than fiberwood, Surefit doors have been made using any of patina, wrought iron, good old solid wood, brass and nickel for the main units and the sidelites.

Ultimately, product variety enables customization and competitive pricing. The more door units and parts there are, the more a manufacturer can mark down its prices so products stay enticing to buyers, and the more buyers have an opportunity to mix and match features until they get the door system they want. What Surefit Doors, the company behind the Surefit brand, has done to pull this off has been to forge partnerships with several suppliers, factory-trained installers, finishers and dealers. The result, an easy door program built on affordable custom solutions, appears to be the core guarantee of Surefit Doors to customers. The company promises full turnkey service through sales and aftersales, including installation and support. Architects and remodelers would know that installing a door is best left to professionals, thus an appealing aftersales service.

The decision to capitalize on fiberglass is another advantage. Surefit fiberglass doors are backed by this material’s durability, energy and cost efficiency. Fiberglass is resistant to rotting, cracking and warping unlike wood, and to corrosion and denting unlike steel. It is supposed to be eight times stronger than vinyl and twice stronger than steel. It keeps structural integrity over time because it allows frames not to sag and tracks not to jam. Fiberglass insulates three to five times better than wood because it does not conduct heat, and it permits natural light into homes. Altogether, the higher price will be worth it because fiberglass doors and hardwearing and longlasting.

Replacement Closet Doors – The Basics

If you want to make a spectacular change in your home decoration, you might consider replacement closet doors. Not only are they affordable, but they are also available in various styles and designs that could really create an elegant modern interior look.

That is why it is important that you get to know the various styles and designs that are available on the market today to spare you the trouble of getting one that will not fit into your budget or home decor.

There are two basic common types; sliding and bifold.

Sliding closet doors:

If your goal is to save on space and at the same time give your room a contemporary look, then a sliding type is all you need. This type gives you access to your closet without worrying that the doors will bang on the wall or your bed when you open them.

Many manufacturers are offering quality sliding doors that are easy to slide, do not make a lot of noise and will not slam to stop. Some come with damper systems and silent rails and they can be designed with windows or any other fashionable designs.

Bifold closet doors:

Unlike sliding doors, the bifold variety allow complete access inside your closet. You can gain access to the inside center and four corners of your closet unhampered because you can open the whole bifold or two bifold doors. With the sliding type, you only get to open one side of your closet.

If you have a small closet, you may opt to use only one bifold door. Walk-in closets require that you have two bifold panels.

Both sliding and bifold closet doors come in various styles and materials, including:

Frosted Glass:

Frosted glass is becoming one of the most popular materials for use as contemporary organizer or divider. Hardware varies and with frosted glass doors, they are designed similar to a home’s entrance door which means that they also require wall-mounted pins and hinges. Prices for closet door hardware vary depending on the location or depot where you buy them from.


An elegant and charming addition to your room, louvered closet doors are available in various materials and styles, including polymer, plexiglass and mirror. A louvered door may be polymer, which is a type of plastic that can be combined with wood fiber. Many manufacturers prefer louvered in polymer because they are easy to repair and maintain and lighter in weight.


French doors are known for their many uses, such as dividers to separate rooms. They are also easy to repair because replacing mirror or glass panes is easy to do. Installing French doors are dependent on the dimensions of the doorway. If your closet is the walk-in type, then sliding is the best for you because it takes only a small space. Both sliding and bifold French doors are dependent on accurate measurements for superior performance.


If you want an illusion of more space, you might consider mirrored closet doors. You can have them customized to suit your specifications and design ideas.

When customizing replacement closet doors, consider the space, color and theme of your room. Remember that closet doors are meant to bring you convenience and not nuisance.